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Farrah fawcett 1977 article

Ten Actors That The Oscars “In Memoriam” Segment Snubbed

Apparently, the Oscars choices are "subjective."

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Twitter Celebrates Beyonce and #1YearofLemonade

All hail the Queen.

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A Free Screening of “Get Out” Made Me Hate Black People

Hate is a strong word. Also “people” is a bit misleading…it was really just one person. (No spoilers)

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2017 Vans Custom Culture Registration Is Now Open

The annual competition gives high school students around the United States a chance to win $50,000 to benefit their school’s art program.

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The Fascinating Origin Story of the Iconic Zig-Zag Logo

How the instantly recognizable man with the beard, hat, and rolled cigarette came to be.

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The All-Time Worst Vice Presidents of the United States

They can't all be Joe Biden...

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Frank Ocean Was Right: The Grammys Are Seriously Flawed

See why the biggest awards show in music keeps hitting the wrong notes.

Fantasiahed article

10 Fantastic Facts About 'Fantasia' | Mental Floss

From racist depictions that were later removed, to Walt's dream of a 4k film experience.

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7 Things To Ask After Natural Disaster Strikes | GEICO

Branded feature for Geico via Mental Floss

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How to fascinate an audience by playing with time - Blog

Time can be manipulated to send an audience on a journey through a range of emotions. Here are a few of the ways you can use time to tease out a story....

Boyzhed article

16 Surprising Facts About 'Boyz N the Hood' | Mental Floss

With its raw story of life in South Central Los Angeles, the film shook the country and shocked the world with its unrelenting depictions of violence and poverty.